Airport. Air plane. Airport. Airplane. Airport.


Airport. Air plane. Airport.  Airplane.  Airport. 

After about 24 tedious hours in airplanes and airports we finally arrived in Narita, Japan at 6am.  Tired and a bit jet lagged we walked into the stifling heat of Japan.  After customs we ventured out to the train station, dragging our heavy bags and trying to breath in the humid air.  It was bustling with people, very bright and cheerful colours, it was a little bit overwhelming but still enjoyable to be a part of. On our way to Tokyo, Benazir taught us the basics of New Zealand sign language, keeping us engaged till we reached Sendai. We briefly stopped at Tokyo station to change trains and we were almost melted in the sun. On the train we had our first taste of Japanese cuisine like dried fish and Pokari Sweat.

In Sendai we had lunch, eating ‘real’ sushi for the first time. It was an amazing experience to say the least, revolving sushi, fermented soybeans and green tea.  When we reached the Espol we saw a few familiar faces from the first forum but many new people, ranging from China, Indonesia to the Philippines.  Even in the first few hours of the forum you could sense eagerness and anticipation from everyone present.   To end the night with a bang, we let off fireworks, everyone gathered in the dark watching the bright sparks.

Everything about Japan has been amazing and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we can’t wait to explore some more.

Thank you UNESCO and Vicki for organising this forum.




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