Visiting the Sendai area


Thursday 16th August 2012


Today was filled with inspiring and also emotional events. We started the day off by exploring the Matsushima Islands, learning about the interesting and awesome culture of Japan. We visited many different temples and shrines and learnt about the historical stories that were related to that particular area. We visited the first rose garden in Japan, located in Matsushima. The roses were brought over from Rome in the 1600’s.


From Matsushima we made our way too the worst affected areas of the Natori Tsunami. We saw how the buildings were reduced to just the foundations of the houses and we struggled to digest how terrible the Tsunami was. While their earthquake didn’t kill anyone the Tsunami did. These places helped us to relate to the people of Japan and discuss how we can move forward.


We left the worst affected areas with thankfulness that we didn’t have any Tsunamis. We arrived in the Rokugou citizen centre where we learnt how the first UNESCO club was set up in Japan in 1948 and how there are hundreds of UNESCO clubs in Japan now. We also heard how setting up a local tea party or other social events can keep a community together and give people who have lost everything in the Tsunami a meaning and purpose.

Today was awesome, learning about the interesting history of Japan, visiting the worst affected areas of Natori and also learning ways we can keep our communities together.




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