About Us

The NZ National Commission for UNESCO (in partnership with UNESCO Bangkok and UNESCO Apia) organised “Looking Beyond Disaster: UNESCO Youth Forum” (LBD), in December 2011, which brought together 100 youth from 19 countries in the Asia pacific region to discuss natural disasters and youth resilience in Christchurch.

Such was the success of that world first event that, a follow up to the forum is about to take place.  Looking Beyond Disaster in Sendai, Japan from 16 -19 August will be attended by Chloe Biddick, Rachael Hodge, Bradley McPherson, Hohua Kurene, Jason Pemberton and Benazir Kumar. The delegation members were selected after an open call for applications, and they were all  active participants in the first LBD in Christchurch.

This blog is designed to capture the experiences of the young people involved, before, during and after their trip, so we can share them with our wider community of partners and supporters.

I’m Vicki  Soanes, Senior Advisor, Education and Youth Officer for the New Zealand, National Commission for UNESCO, and I’m accompanying our young delegates as they take their ideas, experience and team-work, to the world.



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